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About the Grandma Collection

The grandma collection has been created with hopes of raising money to help support my grandmother. Spreading love from one grandparent to another.
100% of all profits from this collection will help funding for home repairs, caretaker fees, hospital bills, basic care essentials, and bills.
Thank you so much for your support.

Meet Doris!

Also known as "Grandmother." 

I moved my little family across country at the beginning of the year to move in with my grandmother with the hope of keeping her out of the nursing home. Shortly after we moved in, our entire household contracted Covid-19.
Not even month later Grandmother came down with Pneumonia. However, she is such a fighter and has made a great recovery. 
Unfortunately, she became very weak during her long duration of illness and will now require 24 hour care. 
Our goal is to be able to provide the care she needs within her own home.
Therefore, the Grandma Collection was born!
100% of all profits from this collection will go towards the care she desperately needs, and keep her out of a long term nursing facility.

Thank you so much for helping support our mission!

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